Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Shark Fin Knife: When Sharks and Knives Combine for Safety


Remember that time that you were washing dishes with a sink full of water and totally cut yourself on the giant knife floating below the surface? We don’t either, but this is still still a super cool knife that brings two normally deadly entities – sharks and knives – together for the cause of safety. The key is that it floats on top of the water and has simple grips to pull it safely out of the sink without cutting yourself.

Check it out further on dornob

Creepy Advanced Robots Part 1: Atlas Humanoid Robot

More and more lately, I’ve been feeling like we haven’t learned anything from the hyper intelligent robots of Hollywood. That’s not to say that robotics is bad, just more that some of the robots of today seem a bit too advanced for our own good. Enter the Atlas robot, one of the most advanced humanoid robots around. It can dodge obstacles in its way, correct its balance, and a whole host of other things aimed at making it an effective helper in emergency situations (in case we need someone to run into a volcano or the bottom of the ocean).

Read more over at the Darpa Robotics Challenge website and The Verge.

Pencil: Write on a Touchscreen Like Never Before

Pencil is the coolest writing tool ever made for digital devices. It’s been precision engineered by fiftythree to be the most beautiful and usable way to get your ideas on (digital) paper. When used with their Paper app for iPad, Pencil utilizes some pretty cool functionality like blending and palm rejection, but it can also be used as a stylus on any other touchscreen device.

Check out more over at fiftythree’s awesome parallax scrolling website and read more over at The Verge.