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Uber: Cars, Christmas Trees, and Beyond


As some of you may know, Uber is a service that allows you to request a ride anytime using a ridiculously simple mobile app. Recently, they have stepped up their game and expanded the range of things you can demand at your current location (though only for limited times and places).

Most recently, Uber offered the ability to request a Christmas tree be delivered right to your front door for one day only. Sure, at $135 it’s clear that they hadn’t quite made this the right solution for every family, but it feels like they are onto something.

Back in July Uber tested out a similar offer, except that they allowed people to request an ice cream truck at their location for one day only. Just like with the Christmas trees and their signature ride service, Uber offered a product that is widely desired on demand.

With the recent announcement that they want to expand to offer their users just about anything they could want on demand, it looks like Uber is poised to be the “bring me something awesome” service of the future.