Pygmy T-Rex Found in the Arctic


A new Tyrannosaur about half the size of T-Rex has recently been discovered in the arctic. The scientists who discovered the dinosaur named it Nanuqsaurus hoglundi and announced their findings in a new study released on March 12 in the journal PLOS ONE.

Since this little guy lived up in the arctic, the researchers speculated that its small size was likely the result of limited resources. This was still a surprising find given the fact that animals usually get bigger at the north and south pole (polars bears for example).  It’s fascinating to note that this finding shows that Tyrannosaurs were much more adaptable than they were previously believed to be. Also notable is the fact that Nanuqsaurus was found much farther north than most other Tyrannosaur fossils, and challenged scientists’ assumptions about the diversity and distribution of the species across the globe.

According to a National Geographic interview with the paleontologist Tony Fiorillo who discovered the fossils,  the tiny T-Rex likely sported some kind of thicker coat than its larger relatives who lived in warmer southern climates, though this is still only a matter of speculation due to the difficulty of establishing such information from fossils.

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