Radio Garden Lets You Listen to the Radio Anywhere

Radio Garden Lets You Listen to the Radio Anywhere

A new website that allows anyone with an internet connection listen to the radio anywhere in the world presents some really interesting opportunities to hear new sounds. In a world that is increasingly connected, Radio Garden provides a unique interface for exploring radio stations across the globe. Essentially Radio Garden lets you listen to the radio anywhere at any time that you want to.

Radio Garden enables fascinating new kinds of exploration with an interactive globe map that is easy to drag around to find different places. It’s easy to jump over to South America or Asia and listen to music that’s completely different, all while maintaining the sense of where you are in the world at the same time. It also makes it fairly easy to compare radio stations across a single country to see how stations are different within a single nation.

Radio Garden Lets You Listen to the Radio Anywhere

The main view is “Live” which allows for real time exploration of different radio stations around the world. There is also a History view which has some historical radio broadcasts from a few different parts of the world, this provides a cool way to listen in to the past. There’s also a Jingles option that gives a sense of commonly known local tunes. The final option is a Stories tab with in depth stories from different people around the world.

For each spot on the map and each new series of stations, questions arise like what is the culture like, what language is spoken, and what different kinds of stations are broadcast. It provides a unique window into what life is like in other places and from other perspectives. This speaks to how important music is across the globe, and also how people can be both different and the same at the same time.

The site was built as a project by Studio Puckey and Moniker. The project was designed in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

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