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Nanotech Converts Conventional LCDs into Glasses-Free 3-D Displays

During a famous scene in Star Wars, Princess Leia has R2D2 play a holographic video message in midair in which she pleads for help from Obi-Wan Kenobi. In the near future, smartphones and other mobile devices will have the ability to show something similar, according to David Fattal.


Everything Microsoft announced at its Windows 10 event in one handy list

We’ve just wrapped up our live coverage here in Redmond, Washington where Microsoft held its Windows 10 press event. If you missed the two hours of announcements, here’s our recap in one handy list. As usual, click the links for full details of each story.

Everything Microsoft announced at its Windows 10 event in one handy list

The most popular suggestion from Web developers to Microsoft: stop IE development

Few people know that Microsoft offers a suggestion box for developers who build on its various platforms. As can be expected with any feedback site, sometimes things get out of hand.


Pencil: Write on a Touchscreen Like Never Before

Pencil is the coolest writing tool ever made for digital devices. It’s been precision engineered by fiftythree to be the most beautiful and usable way to get your ideas on (digital) paper. When used with their Paper app for iPad, Pencil utilizes some pretty cool functionality like blending and palm rejection, but it can also be used as a stylus on any other touchscreen device.

Check out more over at fiftythree’s awesome parallax scrolling website fiftythree.com/pencil and read more over at The Verge.